Santiago Betancur

Santiago Betancur Z
Visual Artist

Miami-France -Colombia


Painting in process

acrylic on canvas



About my paintings


Photography by Omar Cruz

“Painting has been my companion, and in the hardest times I’ve clung to her until I’ve torn

her. On her I live, I study, I comprehend myself.” 

Santiago Betancur Z

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Photography by Omar Cruz

Well-known in his Native country of Colombia for his work with microcosms found in Soap Bubbles, as well as Fashion Photography and Painting, the artist had to start again from nothing. 

Betancur has fought demons, celebrated kindness, and questioned every aspect of what it means to be human in this place, in this time and with other beings like, and unlike, himself. Moreover, the artist has documented each agonizing step as meticulously as each elated one through his artwork.

Communion and connection with the universal subconscious is central to Betancur’s painting. Communication was always a challenge for the artist and lead him to develop his own language through imagery, brushstrokes, color and textures. 

Facing Monsters

Photography by Omar Cruz

The human body with its many layers of flesh, muscle, and vital organs takes

center stage as the conduit for Betancur’s discourse with his audience. Each strained gestures speaks the burden of survival, each figure in repose whispers a relief short-lived as the shadows themselves breathe and quiver.

Betancur’s work seeks to “kill fear by facing monsters”, remove the shelter of our skins to celebrate vulnerability as the means to self-actualization, and explore the mundane and spiritual duality of the human condition. Betancur’s paintings are striking, sensual, grotesque, intriguing, and will cause “discomfort in people who hide from their true selves”.

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About my paintings

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