Santiago Betancur

Santiago Betancur Z
Visual Artist

Miami-France -Colombia

BREATHE by Santiago Betancur

Explore the world through soap bubbles

under the bow of the covenant

“If Bubbles can show us what we know about the universe, 

they might show us what we don't".       Santiago Betancur Z

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Since 2000, Santiago observes for the first time the surprising range of colors that can be seen in soap bubbles.

At that moment he begins a journey in the world of science and establishes a new relationship with light and the universe.

It was a moment of Epifanny. The doors of science museums, specialists in optics, astronomy were opened achieving the interest of several communities around the world.

Santiago has been in Science Museums with the soap bubbles experience. Museums as Miami Science Museum, the interactive museum "Centrum Nauki" in Poland and Explora Park in Colombia.


"Between Bubbles and Universes" / Museological experiences with Soap Bubbles



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"under the bow of the covenant"/"Bajo el arco de la alianza"

"The Hours"

Nocturnal & Circular, Art & Science, all in a bubble. 

Music: Julian de la Chica

Visual Artist : Santiago Betancur Z. 


Music: Fernando Sierra

Visual Artist : Santiago Betancur Z.